Game Manual
You Have To Burn The Rope

Table of Contents

Controlling your avatar

This is your avatar
Use arrowkey left and arrowkey right to walk.

Jump by pressing arrowkey up or space.
Hold it down for higher jumps.

Repeatedly tap any key to attack.
Although, attacking the boss
is completly pointless as it can't
be killed with your weapons.

Picking up fire
Jump through a fire and your avatar will automatically pick it up.

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The Lifebar
This bar shows the current health of the boss.

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The Boss

Grinning Colossus
This is the main antagonist of the game.
Don't touch him, you will be hurt!

Watch out
These bullets also hurts you, so when
you see them coming - run away!

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The Environment

Use it to burn the rope.

The Chandelier
Burn the rope to make it fall down and
cruch the boss!

The Rope
You have to burn it!

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Design, Code, Graphics
Kian Bashiri

Henrik Nåmark

Additional design
Henrik Nåmark, Christian Dryden

Thanks to
The Umami Group
Dr. Petter for Sfxr
Kista Grossen

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